OGT|Suite™ incorporates all of OGT's software products.  It consists of ProTreat® for acid gas removal units (AGRUs), SulphurPro® for simulating sulphur recovery units (SRUs), and ProBot™ for automated monitoring of operating facilities.  The components of OGT|Suite can be seamlessly integrated into a single unit, allowing you to simulate a full gas-treating facility using a vast range of both generic and proprietary solvents, coupled with a complete multi-converter SRU including oxygen enrichment, and have ProBot monitor the performance of the entire plant in a single flowsheet.  OGT|Suite is fully compliant with COLaN's interface standard for thermodynamics and unit operations.  CAPE-OPEN is developed, distributed and maintained by CO-LaN.  OGT is an Associate Member of CO-LaN.  See our Brochure for a more leisurely read... or follow the links above (or below).

OGT also provides high-level Consulting Services.