SulphurPro® for Sulphur Recovery

SulphurPro® takes a mass- and heat-transfer rate and reaction kinetics approach to simulating the individual unit operations that comprise an SRU.  Using fundamental chemistry and detailed information on kinetic reaction mechanisms and heat transfer gives SulphurPro a distinct and significant advantage over the legacy simulation tools based on curve fits to measured plant data with its inherent sampling and instrumentation inaccuracies, and reliance on rarely-achieved steady state.  Extrapolation based on regression and curve fitting is inherently unreliable—understanding fundamental mechanisms and using carefully-measured, laboratory-evaluated mechanistic parameters is far superior.  SulphurPro® is completely fundamentals-based and incorporates results of the very latest sulphur research produced by such organizations as Alberta Sulphur Research Limited (ASRL).   Compare how we simulate SRUs with others here and Learn more here about SulphurPro's uniquely superb capabilities.

Sulphur Block in Western Canada