Gas Treating - ProTreat®

OGT Simulation Software began with gas treating in 1992 and has been strictly mass and heat transfer rate-based right from the beginning. For 30 years OGT has led the way in this revolutionary new technology and, after witnessing its power, others have followed. Today, most simulators claim some mass transfer rate-based capabilities, but only ProTreat is fully rate-based in the true meaning of the word and allows you to simulate treating using single, multiple, and specialty amines, non-amine systems, amines mixed with a physical solvent, sour water stripping, and glycol dehydration in columns containing a vast range of trays, random packing and structured packing in absorbers, regenerators, and quench towers.

The latest gas treating addition to ProTreat simulates hybrid solvent systems in which part of a standard aqueous amine is replaced with an organic nonreactive component. Currently ProTreat can simulate up to three aqueous generic amines with sulfolane as the organic additive. Other combinations are under development.

Improve marketing and visibility of your latest specialty solvent by having OGT add it to ProTreat.  Or have OGT build you a rate model for your new process equipment, for your exclusive use.

"Rate-based" is the premier modeling approach, and OGT | ProTreat is the simulation software of choice...     Learn more here about ProTreat's capabilities.