What we do

Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. (OGT) uses solidly grounded scientific and engineering principles to provide the very  highest quality software products and consulting services in all aspects of gas treating and sulfur recovery. What began 30 years ago as the first true, fundamental, mass and heat transfer rate-based amine absorber program has expanded into the OGT|Suite™ of rate-based process simulation tools, plus Consulting Services, currently covering:

OGT|Suite™ seamlessly simulates the whole sulfur recovery system from the raw inlet gas, to all aspects of gas treating including AGE, through the sulfur plant and tail gas treating unit. In addition, OGT simulation software is fully compliant with the CAPE-OPEN unit operation and thermodynamics, Version 1.1 COLaN standards so all of the special capabilities of OGT software can be seamlessly integrated into other similarly-compliant tools such as HTRI’s Xchanger Suite®.

OGT|Suite offers numerous pre-drawn library standard flowsheets and also makes modifying a library flowsheet or drawing a new one from scratch very easy. Streams can be auto-routed from one unit operations block to another just by identifying their source and destination. Stream and unit operations block callouts are easy to place and customize with whatever data items and any of the vast array of measurement units available in the software. And pieces of a bigger flowsheet (or the whole flowsheet) can be selected and copied from file to file, and duplicated or just moved around within the same flowsheet drawing.

By allowing you to license only what you need, OGT helps you to minimize simulation software costs. Why pay for things you neither use nor need? Customize your own simulator from our first-rate offerings and use CAPE-OPEN to integrate with other software tools such as another simulator, or a specialized tool such as HTRI’s Xchanger Suite®.