ProBot™ Rationale

Unlike a mechanistic model that serves as a real-time digital-twin of a process plant, ProBot™ is a monitoring and advisory system interface that can be used to:

  • Automate the transfer of distributed control system (DCS) plant and laboratory data into the highly accurate ProTreat® and SulphurPro® steady-state rate-based simulators that are driven in the background
  • Audit plant data and provide material and energy balance (MEB) feedback about the quality of plant instrumentation readings
  • Compare predicted (simulated) with measured performance to know better how much accuracy to expect from the process model
  • Provide feedback on areas where known corrosion and mechanical integrity are problematic, and
  • Provide expert process advice on the operations of amine, sulfur recovery units (SRU), tail gas units (TGU), and sour water stripping (SWS) systems

ProBot was not developed to replace experienced and knowledgeable engineers and operators.  It was built to allow rapid access to a virtual plant platform that provides advice, training and monitoring to allow more efficient, safer, more reliable, friendlier plant operations.  Once connected into your system, ProBot™ is fully automated and works 24/7 without human intervention, providing you with detailed process performance information and advice on any operations (Amine, Claus, SWS, TGU) that do not conform to expectations.  More detailed information and a case study are located here.