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A New Approach to Treating Shale Gas (in Chinese) 3.75 MB
Acid Gas Enrichment - Maximizing Selectivity 268.76 KB
Acid Gas Enrichment Flowsheet Selection 743.24 KB
Acid Gas Enrichment Part 1 - Maximizing Selectivity 118.31 KB
Acid Gas Enrichment Part 2 - Maximizing Selectivity 206.66 KB
Acid Gas Loading Error Analysis, Brimstone, 2009 358.04 KB
Amine Regenerator Instabilities 3.04 MB
Ammonia in TGU Quench and Amine Systems 363.07 KB
Approach Uses Tray Design to Optimize Treating Shale Gas Containing H2S and CO2 504.37 KB
Are Your Simulation Amines too Clean? 242.52 KB
Benchmarking Solvents for Carbon Capture 84.43 KB
Choosing Tower Internals for LNG, Shale Gas, and Tail Gas Treating 279.47 KB
CO2 Capture with Amino Acids 300.6 KB
CO2 Removal from Syngas... 453.73 KB
Column Design Using Mass Transfer Rate Simulation 95.39 KB
Column Design Using Mass Transfer Rate Simulation 147.32 KB
Design Pitfalls 1.12 MB
Designing Trays for Selective Treating 146.55 KB
Effect of Heat-Stable Salts on Amine Absorber and Regenerator Performance 208.61 KB
Effect of MMEA on CO2 Slip in a TGTU 445.19 KB
Effective Amine Technology 243.42 KB
Eliminating Guess Work 320.5 KB
Expectations from Simulation 961.27 KB
Foundations of Failure 1.04 MB
Glycol Dehydration as a Mass Transfer Rate Process 374.75 KB
Glycol Dehydration of High Acid Gas Streams 738.27 KB
HCN Distribution in Sour Water Systems 517.81 KB
Heat-stable Salts and Amine Unit Performance 2.71 MB
HIGHSULF Enhances Tail Gas Treatment 994.25 KB
How Sensitive is Your Plant to Operating Conditions? 720.71 KB
How Sensitive is Your Treating Plant to Operating Conditions? — Part 2 620.73 KB
How Sulphur Really Forms on the Catalyst Surface 576.39 KB
How to Increase CO2 Slip 146.6 KB
Hydrocarbon and Fixed Gas Solubility in Amine Treating Solvents: A Generalized model 607.37 KB
Mercaptans Removal from Gases by Absorption into Amines and Caustic 630.39 KB
Methanol Distribution in Amine Systems 495.45 KB
New AGE Stratgies with HIGHSULF 156.73 KB
New Strategies for Acid Gas Enrichment 606.97 KB
Overcome Challenges in Treating Shale Gases 521.17 KB
Packed Column Simulation Tracks Plant Performance 96.7 KB
Post-combustion Capture of CO2 1.26 MB
Post-combustion CO2 Capture with Amino-Acid Salts 454.72 KB
Predicting and Mitigating Corrosion in Amine Units 822.8 KB
Predicting Corrosion Rates in Amine and Sour Water Systems 221.58 KB
Reliable Design of Sour Water Strippers 540.5 KB
Removing the Guesswork (Glycol Dehydration) 2 MB
Simulator Provides Guidance for Increasing CO2 Slip in Gas Treating Applications 149.23 KB
Solubility of Hydrocarbons and Light Ends in Amines 416.63 KB
Sour Water Stripper Performance in the Presence of Heat Stable Salts 342.89 KB
Sour Water Strippers Exposed 698.16 KB
Special Treatment 1.6 MB
Stable Operating Limits in Amine Plants 710.88 KB
Stripping Phenolic Water 1.66 MB
Tray Hydraulic Operating Regimes and Selectivity 170.93 KB
Tray Hydraulic Operating Regimes and Selectivity 5.73 MB
Treating High CO2 Gases with MDEA 261.82 KB
Treating Holistically (3-Part Series) 11.56 MB
Troubleshooting a Refinery Fuel Gas Treater 172.53 KB
Troubleshooting Amine Plants 214.32 KB
Upgrading Acid Gas Streams 124.24 KB
Using Structured Packing for CO2 Removal in LNG Plants 677.34 KB
What Are the Benefits from Mass Transfer Rate-based Simulation 604.53 KB
Troubleshooting a Tail Gas Treater 198.45 KB
Behavior and Effect of Methanol in Amine Treating Systems 253.72 KB
Reducing CO2 Slip from the Syngas Unit of an Ammonia Plant 906.57 KB
Sensitivity of Treating Plant Performance to Tower Internals 660.13 KB
The Role of Tail Gas Treating Unit Quench Towers 503.31 KB
Benefits of Heat Stable Salts in Tail Gas Treaters 808.92 KB
SRU Simulation: Getting the Properties Right 899.33 KB
SO2 Breakthrough Under a Microscope 1.01 MB
Tools for Analysing Gas Treatment 1.75 MB
Ammonia Destruction in the Reaction Furnace 1.76 MB
TEG Dehydration Evaluation 542.9 KB
Fate of Ammonia in Refinery Amine Systems — AKA Special Treatment 1.6 MB
Packed Absorbers for Deep CO2 Removal 1.23 MB
Quench Water pH and NH3 Destruction Un-Vailed 789.66 KB
When Actual Differs Radically from Design 407.98 KB
Behavior and Effect of Methanol in Amine Treating Systems 411.24 KB
When Real Conditions Differ from Design 402.49 KB
Preventing a Bulge Pinch 405.28 KB
The Perfect Combination 306.71 KB
Tube Fouling and the Effects on Waste Heat Boiler Tube Wall Temperature 1.14 MB
CO2 Removal with DEA-Promoted Hot K2CO3 589.74 KB
Acid Gas Enrichment 1.49 MB
Factors Affecting Claus Waste Heat Boiler Design and Operation 785.65 KB
Why CO2 Absorbers Go Off Spec 681.57 KB
How DEA Affects CO2 Removal by Hot Pot 613.24 KB
Claus WHB Insights 986.24 KB
Making Sense of Amine Absorber Temperature Profiles 715.73 KB
Keeping Amine in the Treating System 334.7 KB
Piperazine Promoted MDEA in LNG Service 451.22 KB
Effect of Amine Contaminants on Gas Treating 879.61 KB
Claus Waste Heat Boiler Economics 1.28 MB
SO2 Breakthrough Under a Microscope 1.07 MB
Thermal Imaging CO2 Absorbers 649.05 KB
Sulphur Processing Operations during Startup, Shutdown, and Turndown 234.29 KB
Sulphur Processing Unit - Optimization & Safety Improvements 68.71 KB
Post-Combustion CO2 Capture - Hovyu 1.03 MB
Heat Stable Salt Guidelines 1.1 MB
Amine Regenerator Control: Part 1 310.51 KB
Amine Regenerator Control: Part 2 223.06 KB
What Affects Efficiency in Trayed and Packed Towers 712.17 KB
Under the Microscope (Stahl Columns for Deep Glycol Dehydration) 347.3 KB
Thermal Imaging - Characteristics of CO2 Absorbers 644.93 KB
Mass Transfer Pinch Regimes in Amine Treating 353.88 KB
Insights into Claus Waste Heat Boilers 1,009.83 KB
Claus WHB Economics Part 1: Process 837 KB
Claus WHB Economics Part 2: Mechanical 1.69 MB
Simulation of Claus Unit Performance 1.2 MB
Accuracy of Measured Lean Amine H2S Loading 506.3 KB
Improve Asset Integrity by Predicting Corrosion 188.45 KB
Why CO2 Absorbers Go Off Spec 463.53 KB
How DEA Affects CO2 Removal by HotPot 623.42 KB
Stack Gas Scrubbing to Meet IMO's 0.5% Sulfur Bunkering Requirement 940.75 KB
Investigation and Diagnosis of Startup Foaming Issues in a New Tail Gas Treater 2.71 MB
Capturing Carbon 7.29 MB
Hybrid Solvents 8.01 MB
Simulating Mercaptans and COS Removal 8.09 MB
The Geometry of Packing 8.53 MB
Stahl Columns - an Alternative to Molecular Sieves 344.43 KB
Biogas to Biomethane 358.08 KB
A Kinetic Model for TGU Hydrogenation Reactors 1.81 MB
Riding the Dragon: Sulfur Plant Thermal Reactor Temperature Measurement 901.36 KB
Acid Gas Fired Reheater Control 292.42 KB
Effect of Amine Contamination by TEG 367.4 KB
Super Dehydration Using TEG 7.73 MB
Kinetic Model for TGTU Hydrogenation: Part 1 - Model Development 507.3 KB
Expectations from Simulation: Part 1 -- Realistic & Reliable 9.77 MB
Sour Water Strippers – Reliable Tools Translate to Reliable Design 633.88 KB
Sneaky SO2 Breakthroughs 309.34 KB
Kinetic Model for TGU Hydrogenation Reactors: Part 2 Catalyst Model Validation 543.21 KB
Expectations from Simulation, Part 2: Case Studies 7.84 MB
Thermodynamic Validation of CESAR1 Model and Effects of Water Wash Configurations 1.2 MB
Process Simulation -- Past and Future 7.46 MB
Putting the Focus on Tray Efficiency 13.39 MB
COS and Mercaptans Removal from Gases 432 KB
SRU Catalyst Poisoning and Deactivation 89.56 KB
Trusting Simulation Software for Troubleshooting 6.26 MB
Optimising Gas Treatment 6.55 MB
Understanding Corrosion in Amine and Sour Water Systems 12.51 MB
Promoted Amines for CO2 Removal 7.43 MB
Amine Strength in Gas Treatment 1.64 MB